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Palm Leaf Plates – the natural choice for your summer barbeque or picnic.

We're very excited to launch this range of eco-friendly plates and bowls on our website and hope to be widening the range over the coming months.  Made from nothing but fallen palm leaves and water, they are non-toxic, biodegradable, compostable, durable, lightweight, convenient and stylish. In the whole manufacuring process no trees are felled and no chemicals, resins, gums, lacquers or stabilisers are used. It’s just an eco-friendly, inspired use of a natural waste material!

How they are made:

  • Every palm tree naturally sheds 6 to 7 leaves a year. These extremely strong leaves are pressure washed and then soaked in purified water.
  • They are heated to 180C, which sterilises the plates.
  • A hydraulic press creates the different shapes.
  • The edges are trimmed and compressed air removes dust particles.
  • Finally the plates undergo UV sterilisation to guarantee hygiene.

A great alternative to paper or plastic plates and they can even be used in the microwave! When you've finished with them, just throw them on the compost heap.

 palm leaf heart shaped dishpalm leaf large plate

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