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Just finished repairing the gazebo after this weeks events at Bidford. Got to the site early on Saturday morning and relieved to find that although a bit soft in places the field was perfectly ok and the boots could stay in the car. Although bright and sunny the forecast was for the wind to strengthen and change direction over the weekend so we made sure the guys were up, the wind anchors in the ground and the storms tied to them - ended up being a wise decision. We had a massive corner pitch about 30 foot wide so we put the tables in an L shape outside the tent. Saturday was steady trading all through with items across the board selling. Saturday evening we left the gazebo up, well and truly lashed to all of the stoem pegs we could muster but we needn't have worried as Sunday am dawned bright and still and it was lovely with the warm sun in the virtual nil breeze. Selling was quite brisk as well with some people coming back from seeing the products the day before - very gratifying. However by lunchtime it had clouded over and the wind was getting up from a completely different direction - it probably veered over 180 degrees over the weekend. The wind gradually got stronger and at one point tipped one of our tables over and at another blew the cards away - they ended the day ties to the table with string. We moved everything back inside and erected another side sheet. The wind came in very strong gusts and at times I was holding the frame down. The event was supposed to end about 5pm but everyone strated packing up by 4.30pm as the wind was beyond a joke. It was still very pleasant in the sun but the wind was spoiling it all.

At the end of the event we had a good level of sales, despite all the problems with the wind and a number of people took the Heart discount vouchers and several people were interested in our website so who knows.

Off to Old Wulfrunians this week where we are doing a charity event being put on by the football club in aid of Promise Dreams - Frankie's working so its James and me -just hope the winds not blowing!

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