Even more rain, cancellations and new plans!

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Last Sundays event turned out to be one of the best days so far this year - not bad for a last minute replacement event.

We turned up gazebo-less as we had a place allocated in the craft tent. However the Council staff agreed we could have our gazebo on the car park instead so I had to charge home to get it. As a result we were a bit late opening and had our first customer before we had everything organised - thank you Mrs P!. Turned out to be a very good decision as apart from a couple of very brief showers in the afternoon we had a lovely sunny day with little wind. The event was organised very well and there must have been at least a couple of thousand people there with all the attractions. Had a very good day with people buying even as we were taking the gazebo down. Got home just in time to see RF taking the last 2 sets of Andy Murray.

Had a phone call Monday to say that Saturdays event the Astwood Bank Carnival had been cancelled as the field was waterlogged. So more last minute emailing and ringing round and have managed to get ourselves booked into 2 events at the same time. So come Saturday morning James and I will be heading, with Gazebo, to Cutnall Green First School which is holding its Summer Fete from 11.30 to 2.30. Frankie on the other hand will be off to Shirley Methodist Church where we are trying one of Lydgate Management's events for the first time. Its inside and runs from 10am to 4pm so its a bit of a tester with that organisation.

We have also put feelers out for events over the next 2 weekends as it seems to be going a bit quieter as the holiday period approaches. That will give us a chance to start increasing production ready for Christmas - what a frightening thought! 

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