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Hartlebury turned out to be better than expected with quite a few sales in the last 30 mins. Can't understand why some stall holders pack up early even if things have been slow while there are potential customers about it pays to stay open. We have often made sales while we have been packing up after closing time so can't understand why some people go early. I think we've only been the first to pack up once and that was when we were in the gazebo at Evesham when a thunderstorm effectively finished the event and would have damaged our stock.

Anyway off me soapbox and onward this weekend to Warwick. We are going to Hill Close allotments' apple day. Never been there before but apparently its a set of allotment gardens established in Victorian times on the then outskirts of Warwick and was used by shopkeepers etc who lived over the shop but wanted some outside space. Apparently they've been restablished as working allotments and often sell older varities of plants etc. There is lots going on apparently and we are looking forward to the cider tasting .... and making lots of sales of course!

A new service we have introduced is the virtual party plan or eparty. We have been invited to a number of events this year run by charities which have conflicted with other events already in the diary. In this case we have offered the organiser the opportunity to have a group sale from the website (excluding the calligraphy cards) and have 20% of the proceeds to the charity. This replaces the table fee we would have paid if we had gone to their event. Anyone who is interested in having an eparty should email us for further details as we have a factsheet we can email out. We would point out that as the order will be handmade on receipt we have a cut off of 30th November for anything required before Christmas so anyone interested should contact us sooner rather than later.

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