We're All Crazeeeee Now!!!!!!

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It's only a few days to go now - The Upton International Music Festival is at the weekend and we have our pitch booked in the main Arena. Slade, Bad Manners, Brotherhood of Man, The Wurzels, The Troggs ......I'm digging my flares out as we speak! Oh yes... and trading goes on until midnight every day/evening. It will be an interesting experience reliving some of our youth and we are sleeping in the gazebo so its just as well that Monday is a Bank Holiday to allow time for recovery!

Not sure what to take so the answer will be everything. We'll be taking two cars so one of us can come home each night to have a break while the other one will fight it out at the campsite facilities in the morning!

Look out for the Christmas range as we'll be launching it on the website early next month. We took some to Arbury Hall over the weekend and sold quite a few ...and had a large trade enquiry today so thats exciting as well.

Don't forget to check out our Facebook page as there are links to the Upton Festival and other attractive sites as well.

See you soon

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