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  1. After the event at Hallow we ordered a new gazebo from Gala and it arroved within 48 hours so we had it in time for the vintage gathering on the 4/5 August by the river under the trees at Evesham. Had an initial bit of difficulty putting up the new frame but got there in the end. Bit of a slow day on Saturday as nothing much was happening in the ring and weather was a bit inclement. Left the gazebo up overnight and de-camped home to watch the Golden Night at the olympics. Well done Jess (aka Laura Tyrrell!!!), Mo and Greg. Sunday dawned clear and we had a good sunday morning. People attending, vehicles and events in the ring and a steady flow of sales. Then about 1pm a flash across the tent - was that a reflection of the sun off the windscreen? The crash of thunder said it wasnt. Never seen a field clear so quickly and within a few minutes there was a torrential rain storm for about 45 mins. The good news was that although the atmosphere got damp the gazebo didn't let in a drop of rain! Unfortunately the storm killed the event so as not to damage any stock we packed and departed early. The gazebo spent the night hanging from the rafters in the garage.

    Fortunately it dried very quickly as we were back out on Tuesday 7th at the Stirchle Community market. From 4pm to 8pm on the car park of Stirchley United wm club. An interesting event and a positive start so we'll be hoping to go back there again next month. Watch the diary for details.

    August 12th saw us at Far Forest Countryside Show just outside Bewdley. Thousands of people there but sales a bit slow to begin with, not helped by a couple of storms - the first one at 10am just as the gates opened. Weather improved after lunch and sales improved but the real bonus was afterwards as during the event we had an enquiry about a trade order. We heard nothing further but yesterday after an exchange of emails we had an order confirmed for 22 chilli decorations to be delivered next week. Sometimes standing in a field in pouring rain can be worth it!

    We've got a family celebration this weeked - ANOTHER birthday - so we are staying in but the following weekend we are at Redditch Scarecrow day at the Bordesley Abbey centre. At least we'll be inside here and not under the gazebo.

    We are hoping to get the new stock ordered soon so once thats here we can get the Christmas web pages published as we've had a number of enquiries already.