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» Listings for February 2013

  1. Just got back from a few days in Pembrokeshire where we spent some time on a few beaches gathering lots of driftwood. Since getting back we have already been busy grading and cleaning it to make sure it really looks good. We have already started making some small mirrors, initially approx 8" square but I've also got some small hexagonal mirrors in production. I'm using an mdf base from which I've cut out a recess into which the mirror is set and then its finished with a driftwood surroundThese mirrors went well last year, as did the garlands, and although there are only one or two currently on the website more will appear soon. We are keeping them at a reasonable cost - £15 for the square ones and £12.50 for the hexagonal ones and its also free postage for orders over £25 on the website. I'm also busy making T light holders, garlands and other decorations. Although the intention is that our production will eventually be 100% handmade by ourselves, we are also selling some bought in hand made items, such as driftood Tea light holders, driftwood hearts, and driftwood bird feeders amongst others. Best to check out the website for availability because once they've gone they are gone!

    hex mirror

    Latest hand made driftwood mirror with approx 240mm square base with the mirror surface approx 150mm between parallel sides .

    It was SOLD at the Barnt Green guides spring fair the first time we offered it on the stand!!


  2. The diary is rapidly filling up with events for 2013.  Ranging from craft fairs to vintage gatherings and country shows, it's going to be another busy year.  Let's hope that the weather will be kinder this year for the outdoor events in the spring and summer.  Check them out on our Events  page and do come along and say hello if you're in the area.

  3. The dried fruit we use in our decorations will last for years if you follow some very simple advice.  So, to maintain a good appearance for as long as possible, we recommend that you:

    • Display the decoration indoors because otherwise the fruit will absorb damp and become soft.  However, should this happen, it is easily dried out again by putting it in a warm, dry environment such as an airing cupboard or over a radiator.
    • Keep it away from direct bright sunlight as this will fade the natural colour of the product.
    • The scent may be refreshed with good quality refresher oil.

    A wreath has been hanging in my kitchen for over 18 months and still looks as good as new!  Just a quick flick with a feather duster every so often is all it needs.